First annual Sunnyside History Holiday Quiz! 2017

Answers are now posted here.

1. What was the original name of Monterey Boulevard?

2. When did Sunnyside Elementary School get its colorful tile mural?

3. Was Big Joe’s ever owned by a man named Joe?

4. What did the Interstate 280 Freeway replace when it was built in the 1960s?

a. A creek
b. A railroad
c. Several blocks of homes
d. Open space

5. What was the former name of Friends Bar?

a. Cheers Bar
b. Hells Angels Clubhouse
c. Joker Club Tavern
d. Andy’s Place

6. When was the Balboa Reservoir used to store water?

7. When was the current Safeway built? Where was the previous Safeway?

8. Where was the massive mud slide of 1942?

9. What was the original name of Kwik and Convenient?

a. 7-Eleven
b. Kwik-E-Mart
c. Stop-n-Go Market
d. Bruno’s Quik Mart

10. Which local preschool was founded in 1952?

11. Who is the 1960s graphic illustrator whose work can still be seen on a Monterey Boulevard sign?

a. Wes Wilson
b. Victor Moscoso
c. Peter Max

12. Which decade saw the last streetcar go down the tracks on Monterey Boulevard (replaced by buses)?

a. 1910s
b. 1920s
c. 1940s
d. 1950s

13. What were the old play structures in Sunnyside Playground made of?

14. Name two restaurants formerly located where K’s Kitchen is today on Monterey Boulevard.

15. Where on Monterey did Bruno Cappa have his business, and what was it called?

16. Who was the environmentalist that the park on our northeast border is named for?

17. Before they were built, what could be found on the site of the current tennis courts on Havelock Street?

a. A deer park
b. The old Ingleside Police Station
c. Vegetable gardens

18. What was the original name of Ridgewood Avenue?

a. Hamburg Street
b. Hampstead Street
c. Hanover Street

19. When was the Joost-Baden Mini-Park built?

a. 1939
b. 1969
c. 1989

20. Name two places to play pinball machines on Monterey Blvd in the 1970s.

21. Name the notorious motorcycle club that had its president living on Hearst Avenue in the 1980s.

22. What chef and cookery book author had a cooking school on Monterey Blvd in the 1970s and 1980s?

a. Judith Ets-Hokin
b. Jack Lirio
c. Perla Myers
d. Malcolm Herbert

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