Monterey near Baden: 1937 and Today

Move slider to compare photographs. Note little gas station on left, site of 190 Monterey apartment building now. View larger here. Look at other comparison photographs here.Look at a similar view in 1925

3 thoughts on “Monterey near Baden: 1937 and Today”

  1. Thanks Amy! We’re right at 147 Monterey across the street from this (near where the picture was taken) so if there are any historical photos of that side, it would be very interesting to see!

    1. Hi Mike – the SF History Center has a photo of your house from sometime between 1940s and 1990s in the new Assessor’s Photo Collection. Get the needed box/bundle numbers for your property here:

      Then visit the SFHC during photo-viewing hours and they will retrieve the photo (a print) for you to view. More info here:

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