Fifth Annual Sunnyside History Holiday Quiz

This year I have a visual quiz for Sunnysiders, so not much history knowledge is needed. If you’ve been out walking during Covid, you may have seen some of these figures, textures, objects, and symbols around Sunnyside. Guess where each detail below can be found.

Then click on the answer, and score yourself: five points for each one you get right of 20 photos. One hundred points is a perfect score, but this quiz is pretty tough, so even fifty points means you have a good eye for things in the environment.

Unsurprisingly, many of these little tidbits lead into local history stories — follow the links on the answer pages for more. Or take a previous year’s history quiz.

Good luck!

1. It’s big, it’s curly, it’s practically a work of art by itself. It might be ‘over your head’ but that’s a clue! Its job is to link two vital concepts in local shop service. What is it? Answer found HERE.


2. Love it or hate it, you will find yourself here sooner or later. It could use some refurbishment. Where is it? Answer found HERE.

3. This elegant creature can be found in a grotto-like setting. Where is that? Answer found HERE.

4. Poised amongst many other creatures and artworks, this bird stands out. Now that things have Slowed up a bit along the Avenue, you may have had a chance to spot her. Where is she? Answer found HERE.

5. Form, function, and fancy all meet in this fence. Where is it? Answer found HERE.

6. I can Conservatively state that this is the strangest creature in Sunnyside. Where is it? Answer found HERE.

7. At least once a day, the secret behind these covered windows makes itself known. What is it part of? Answer found HERE.

8. A humble (but cheery) décor for a hut with a humble (but necessary) function. Where can it be found? Answer found HERE.

9. This happy place for the very young is housed in a very old home. What is the place? Answer found HERE.

10. One of Sunnyside’s grooviest bits of public art — it was designed to make you think about something Wet and Wild. Where can it be found? Answer found HERE.

11. For fifty years this unassuming seat has sat squarely at the entrance to an unassuming little park. Where is it? Answer found HERE.

12. If you climbed one of our steepest hills for a workout during Covid, you may have found yourself rewarded with the sight of this nifty whirly-gig. Where is it? Answer found HERE.

13. Beautifully executed, if a little morbid, this creature has greeted many commuters on their walk home from BART for a few years now. Where can it be found? Answer found HERE.

14. This ancient lump of concrete once helped hold back the swelling waters of Sunnyside’s creek. Where is it? Answer found HERE.

15. Cracked and sidelined, this sculpture has pedigree and provenance, although it was made simply for fun. What is it? Where is it? Answer found HERE.

16. Once these natty stripes meant you could find a delicious Aubrey, some Bud, or maybe a Ritter. Now you can see Starrs. What is the place? Answer found HERE.

17. Sunnyside’s own local example of Brutalism, the architecture style that proudly displays its faults — but it is probably still Safe. Where is it? Answer found HERE.

18. Under these strange cartouches, many of us found the strong brews and cheery greetings that kept us going during Lockdown. Where is this? Answer found HERE.

19. A householder who is inspired to amuse passersby with a variety of objects offers this lovely item for our contemplation. What block of Mangels is it on? Answer found HERE.

20. There are plenty of other creatures here, but this one caught my eye. Where is it? Elementary, my dear viewer!  Answer found HERE.

All photos: Amy O’Hair

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  1. Looked at the answer on #10 but recognized the view before I read the address. Not bad after 70 Years!

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