Herman Volz mosaic mural, City College of San Francisco. Photo: Amy O'Hair.

City College Art Walk, links for exploration

Links for further reading for art walk, “Monumental, Inspiring, and Rooted in History: The Public Art of City College of San Francisco”. [Main Art Walk page.]

The History of City College of San Francisco

Timothy Pflueger

Golden Gate International Exhibition (GGIE)

St Francis of the Guns, Beniamino Bufano

Wyoming Coup, William Wareham

Pageant of the Pacific, Miguel Covarrubias

Sargent Johnson

  • Some of Sargent Johnson’s local work on artandarchitecture-sf.com.  Includes account of the “log” discovered in 2015 and now in the hands of the SF Arts Commission.
  • Tommy Lott, “Black Consciousness in the Art of Sargent Johnson,” in Reclaiming San Francisco: History, Politics, Culture, James Brook, Chris Carlsson, and Nancy J Peters, City Lights Books, 1998 (book).
  • SFMoMA page with images of Johnson’s work.
  • Sargent Johnson on FoundSF.
  • Sargent Johnson on Wikipedia

Jacques Overhoff


Olmec head “El Rey” and Olmec culture

The Diego Rivera mural: Pan-American Unity or “Marriage of the Artistic Expression of the North and the South of on this Continent” (Pan-American Unity).

Other links

  • City College of San Francisco, on Living New Deal, an excellent website about New Deal art and other projects.
  • Pauline Teller, one of the women of the GGIE not asked by Timothy Pflueger to create work for CCSF, in a recent CCSF exhibition.
  • An online art tour of CCSF, to share with friends–though if you have taken our art walk, you know much more than is contained in this brief summary!

Art Galleries on campus

[Main Art Walk page.]