Monterey at Joost: 1920 and Today

1920/ Monterey at Joost.

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Immigrant Dreams and Long Hours: The Delicatessen at Monterey and Edna

The deli on Monterey Boulevard at Edna Street is popular with locals as well as those passing through Sunnyside on their way elsewhere. But few know it has been a deli continuously for the last 72 years, with a succession of owners. This is a story about running a local business, but also about immigrants and opportunity—and danger.

The building was constructed in 1947, part of a strip of postwar buildings that went up on previously empty lots.

The delicatessen first opened that same year, founded by two women well into their fifties, both of whom had some familiarity with restaurant work: Alma Fitch and Frances Swensson.

1948-49 San Francisco Directory.
1948-49 San Francisco Directory.

The deli’s first name—Vienna Delicatessen—was Frances’s choice; she was born Franziska Anzengruber in a little town in Austria, and came to San Francisco in her late teens sometime after the Quake and Fire of 1906.

1908c. Frances Anzengruber (at table) in Weibern Austria, just before leaving for the US.
1908c. Frances Anzengruber (at table) in Weibern Austria, just before leaving for the US. Photo courtesy Janice Smyth via

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“Raise Your Gladsome Voices’ this Tuesday at SF History Association meeting

Come to the meeting the SF History Association, Tuesday 29 January 2019, and hear about the first suffrage march in the US, and the Glen Park women at the heart of it.

Presentation by Glen Park Neighborhoods History Project includes 20-minute dramatic vignette ‘Raise Your Gladsome Voices’ — starring local actors as the heroes of this little-known chapter in the fight for California women’s suffrage. Details:

“Do I look like Christabel Pankhurst?” Photo from the Dec 2017 performance of Raise Your Gladsome Voices at Sunnyside Conservatory.

More photos from previous performances here.