Monterey to Diamond: 1919 and Today

1919. Monterey toward Diamond.

Move slider to compare photographs. A succession of changes here including street-widening (1918), Bernal Cut widening (1927), Interstate 280 (1964), and BART (1972) make it nearly unrecognizable one hundred years on. View larger here. Look at other comparison photographs here.


“Raise Your Gladsome Voices’ this Tuesday at SF History Association meeting

Come to the meeting the SF History Association, Tuesday 29 January 2019, and hear about the first suffrage march in the US, and the Glen Park women at the heart of it.

Presentation by Glen Park Neighborhoods History Project includes 20-minute dramatic vignette ‘Raise Your Gladsome Voices’ — starring local actors as the heroes of this little-known chapter in the fight for California women’s suffrage. Details:

“Do I look like Christabel Pankhurst?” Photo from the Dec 2017 performance of Raise Your Gladsome Voices at Sunnyside Conservatory.

More photos from previous performances here.

‘Raise Your Gladsome Voices’ at SF History Days

On Sunday 4 March, at noon in the ‘Theater’ at the Old Mint, Glen Park Neighborhoods History Project will present a lecture on local suffragist Johanna Pinther and the first suffrage march in the United States in 1908. This includes the short play ‘Raise Your Gladsome Voices,’ about the involvement of Glen Park women in this history-making event. This is a reprise of the GPNHP presentation in December 2017 at the Sunnyside Conservatory.

“Do I look like Christabel Pankhurst?”

Some photos from ‘Raise Your Gladsome Voices’ at Sunnyside Conservatory

1908. California Historical Society.

As part of the Special Holiday Meeting on Saturday 2 December 2017, Glen Park Neighborhoods History Project presented a short play ‘Raise Your Gladsome Voices’ about the Glen Park women involved in the the first suffrage march in the US, written by Amy O’Hair and performed by Valerie Fachman and Haley Roth-Brown. The meeting and social began with a talk by Evelyn Rose about the subject of the drama, Glen Park activist and suffragist, Johanna Pinther.

“I was not altogether convinced … about women and the vote.”
“What is the women’s vote if you haven’t got but a dribble coming out of the taps?!”

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