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“Mary Ellen Pleasant in Ingleside: Stories of Geneva Cottage”


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Biographical Summaries

  • Mary Ellen Pleasant (1814 Pennsylvania – 1904 San Francisco)
  • Mary Alexander (1797 NY – 1871 SF)
  • Harvey S Brown (1827 NY – 1911 SF)
  • Sully Cox (1806 VA – 1883 KY)
  • George Bailey Gammans (1828 ME – 1878 ME)
  • Sarah Green (1830c PA – after 1880)
  • John William Howard (1856 OH – 1916? CA)
  • Indiana (‘India’) Howard (1857 OH – 1935 Alameda)
  • Rebecca Jane Howard Gordon Boone (1854 OH – 1917 Alameda)
  • Elizabeth Jones Smith Phillips Peck (1845 MA – 1878 SF)
  • Robert Morse Park (1846 PA – 1889 SF)
  • Susannah Jessie Westwood Park (1852 England – 1942 SF)
  • Rasberry (“RB”) Phillips (1822c MD – 1868 SF)
  • John James Pleasants (1819c VA – 1877 SF)
  • Aaron White (1810c – 1863 Canada)