W.A. Merralls: List of Companies and Projects

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William Augustus Merralls, builder of the Sunnyside Conservatory in 1902, started a great many projects, companies, and corporations during his life. Listed below are companies he founded, owned, or for which he  served as a director.

Included are other ventures: he also joined republican clubs, and incorporated a group in order to build a community hall and improve his neighborhood, Sunnyside, San Francisco CA. [Supplementary information for main article: https://sunnysidehistory.org/2016/06/25/w-a-merralls-inventor-and-entrepreneur-of-sunnyside/.]

Ad for mining machine sold by Merralls Mill Company, one of Merralls' longest lasting ventures. From The Mining Reporter, 1905.
Ad for mining machine sold by Merralls Mill Company, one of Merralls’ longest lasting ventures. From The Mining Reporter, 1905.

  • 1889, Kansas City MO: unnamed company to sell invention that separates gold from placer dirt. Topeka Daily Capital, 17 Dec 1889, p.5.
  • 1890, San Diego: The Aurum Placer Mining Machine Company. Sacramento Record Union, 17 Jul 1890, p.3.
  • 1890, Los Angeles: WAM was a shareholder in the Blue Gravel Mining Company. LA Herald, 14 Dec 1890, p.6.
  • 1890, Los Angeles: the Wurmser-Merralls Placer Mining Company. LA Herald, 31 Dec 1890, p.8.
  • 1891, Los Angeles: The Los Angeles Mining Company. 11 Jan 1891, LA Herald, p.10.
  • 1892, Los Angeles: unnamed company to sell aluminum solder method invented to weld teeth to dental plates, with J.A. Cronkite. LA Herald, 23 Aug 1892.
  • 1893, San Francisco: The Ideal Placer Mining Water and Power Company. SF Chronicle, 6 May 1893, p.14.
  • 1895, San Francisco: The Merralls Mill Company (incorp 1896). Sacramento Record-Union, 4 March 1896, p.2.
  • 1899, San Francisco: The Sunnyside Hall and Improvement Association, Incorporated. SF Call, 3 May 1899, p.12.
  • 1900, San Francisco: The Cortez Gold Mining Company. SF Chronicle, 2 Jun 1900, p.7.
  • 1900, San Francisco: The McKinley-Roosevelt Club of the 36th Assembly District (WAM was treasurer). SF Chronicle, 6 Oct 1900, p.14.
  • 1902, San Francisco: The Universal Automobile Company. Named as defendant in lawsuit against company; 26 Feb 1903, SF Chronicle, p.14.
  • 1903, San Francisco: The Tonopah-Pacific Gold Mining Company. SF Chronicle, 12 Apr 1903, p.51.
  • 1904, San Francisco: The Quinby (or Quimby) Mining Company. Engineering and Mining Journal, V.77, p.1020. Mined in Trinity County CA, off New River, on Quinby Creek.
  • 1904, San Francisco: The San Francisco Railway Company. SF Chronicle, 28 Jun 1904, p.16. See also, SF Call, same date p.9. See also, The Electrical World and Engineer, v.44, p.157. This was for two street railway lines. Very dicey company; project never came to fruitition.
  • 1904, San Francisco: The E.A. Hayes Club for the 33rd District (WAM was a district representative). SF Chronicle, 23 Oct 1904, p.27.
  • 1904, San Francisco: The Royal Mercantile Company and the Commonwealth Realty Bond Company. WAM named as defendant in lawsuit against these companies and individuals promoting a “get-rich-quick” scheme. SF Chronicle, 31 Dec 1904, p.11.
  • 1905, San Francisco: The Commercial Bank (WAM elected a director). SF Chronicle, 8 Jan 1905, p.39.
  • 1905, San Francisco: The United States National Bank of San Francisco (WAM one of the managers). Mostly the same people associated with the Commercial Bank, see previous entry. SF Chronicle, 5 Mar 1905, p.40.
  • Before 1905, Toronto: The Merralls Engineering Company. The Mining Reporter, v.51, no.20, p.509.
  • Before 1905, New York City: The Merralls Machinery Company. Ibid.
  • 1905, unknown: The Merralls Manufacturing Company (to absorb the two above companies as well as the Merralls Mills Company of SF). Ibid.
  • 1912, Detroit MI: The Merralls Starter Company, to manufacture his self-starter for automobiles. The Motor Age, 3 Oct 1912, p.44. See also The Automobile, v.27, p.808.
  • 1913, New York City: The Merralls Air and Steam Engine Company. New York Times, 24 Apr 1913, p.12. See also Domestic Engineering, v.67, no.1, 4 Apr 1914, p.18.
  • 1914, San Francisco: The Merralls Air, Steam, and Gas Engine Company. See Domestic Engineering, Vol.67, No.1, p.18. [Note addition of ‘gas’ from NY company name the previous year.]