In partnership with the Glen Park Neighborhoods History Project, I’ve conducted history walks in Sunnyside since 2015. There are currently three different walks, each with different subject matter, routes, and photos. Space is limited on all walks. Reserve your spot now: 

Upcoming Sunnyside History Walks:

  • Sunday 5 November 2017 / Sunnyside: The Early Years. [Date changed due to predicted rain.] (11am–1pm) What was life like at the turn of the century? Find out about the first school, where the lost creek once flowed, hear stories from early families, see where the coal-fired power plant once stood. Photos and stories available nowhere else. Covers 1.8 miles. Level: easy.
  • Saturday 9  December 2017 / “Beating the Bounds”: A walk around the original edges of Sunnyside.** (10 am–1pm) This vigorous walk touches on many wonders and stories from our 125 year history — Sunnyside’s first saloon — hidden Dorothy Erskine Park on the north — How Sunnyside Park was built — The forest at the end of Monterey — How to tell you are in Westwood — Ingleside Jail on the south — and loads of stories in between. Exclusive photos available nowhere else. We walk the periphery of the neighborhood as determined in 1891 when Sunnyside was laid out. Covers 4.5 miles. Level: strenuous, including several hills. (Rain cancels walk.)
  • Sunday 14 January 2018 / A Walk Down Mid-Century Monterey Boulevard. (11am–1pm) Learn about the shops, businesses, and restaurants that once lined our commercial district, from the 1920s to the 1980s, and how things changed. Hear stories I’ve collected from longtime residents, see photos available nowhere else. Less than one mile. Level: easy. (Rain cancels walk.)
  • Sunday 18 February 2018 / Sunnyside: The Early Years. [See November date above for details.] (Rain cancels walk.)

Suggested Minimum Donation $10 to help support future GPNHP activities — or join the GPNHP ($15 per year) and receive a pass to attend the walking tour that day. is part of the Glen Park Neighborhoods History Project, which sponsors other local walks — more information here.

A coal-fired power plant in Sunnyside? History walk guide Amy O'Hair explains. Photo courtesy Bill Wilson
A coal-fired power plant in Sunnyside? History walk guide Amy O’Hair explains, on “Early Years” walk. Photo courtesy Bill Wilson
The park few know about: Dorothy Erskine Park, at the north boundary of Sunnyside. Its history is covered on “Beating the Bounds” walk. Photo courtesy James Ansbro.

** To find out what “beating the bounds” means, visit Wikipedia’s page:



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