7 Ladies and The Great Horned Spoon: More Sunnyside advertising

More example of advertising for the Sunnyside district in San Francisco newspapers in the first years, 1891-1892. Also see this post.

SF Examiner, 27 Aug 1891.
SF Examiner, 27 Aug 1891.

Note the frequent use of white space, clean-looking typefaces, and asymmetrically positioned text blocks, a bit ahead of their time–favorite features of midcentury advertisers decades later.

SF Examiner, 30 Aug 1891.

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87 Men and Golden Chances: The Sunnyside advertising campaign

After Sunnyside was laid out and lots went on sale in San Francisco in 1891, there were a lot of unusual newspaper advertisements pushing property sales in the new district during that first year. (Read the second post in this series here.)

SF Call, 7 Jun 1891.
SF Call, 7 Jun 1891.

The initial splash took place on Sunday 26 April 1891, with half-page ads in at least three San Francisco newspapers: the Chronicle, the Call, and the Examiner.  Read more

Ocean Ave near Balboa Park: 1909 and Today

Move slider to compare photographs. Looking east. Fire station at Ocean and San Jose built 1906 (now gone) visible in center. United Railroads car shops on right, now Muni yard. Southern Pacific railroad tracks in foreground (horizontal) now I-280 freeway (below bridge).  View larger here. Look at other comparison photographs here.

Monterey at Acadia: 1923 and Today

Move slider to compare photographs. View larger here. Look at other comparisons photographs here. The 1923 image definitively answers the question that many have asked: Was there ever a time when the house at 90 Monterey Boulevard did not have scaffolding?