This site is part of the Glen Park Neighborhoods History Project. Historical discoveries and musings for the Sunnyside neighborhood in San Francisco, California. Since 2015.

Amy O’Hair

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Header image on main page with the words “Sunnyside the Magnificent” from a newspaper advertisement from the San Francisco Chronicle, 26 April 1891.

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  1. I recently found a “Sunnyside Ave.” street sign tucked away on a shelf in the garage of an old 4 unit apartment building I live in. I googled it and was delighted to find more info on its origins through your history website. How exciting!
    Also, I recognize Ms. O’Hair’s name as a pivotal member of the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association (SNA). It would be very fulfilling to share my find with those who would appreciate it as well. Thank you for your efforts in preserving the building blocks of our community and more.

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