Portion of 1915 Chevalier map. DavidRumsey.com.

About the Sunnyside History Project

Historical discoveries and musings for the Sunnyside neighborhood in San Francisco, California. Since 2015.

Write me if you like. Amy O’Hair SunnysideHistory@gmail.com

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This site is a gift to my neighborhood and my city. I make no money through this work.

Where is Sunnyside? Google Maps says it is here: https://goo.gl/maps/gwW3p4FiBzP2 

But there have been other boundaries, including the original ones from 1891: Maps of Sunnyside.


Background wallpaper with the graphic “Sunnyside the Magnificent” is from a newspaper advertisement from the San Francisco Chronicle, 26 April 1891.

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  1. Wow! Such wonderful information about my great-grandfather, Rudolf Mohr, and my grandfather, Howard Mohr. Thank you so so much for the loving energy and time you’ve invested in this project.

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